CD Release Party at Mills Hardware!!!

Super excited to invite you to my CD release Party at Mills Hardware on Saturday January 14th with special guest Thomas St. Clair.



New Hope Church

I'm looking forward to hanging out with the folks at New Hope Church in Hamilton tomorrow morning.




The new album "Who Am I" is sounding great now that it has been mastered by Transparent Mastering.  What is mastering?  It's kind of the process of smoothing out the overall sound of the album.  One of my biggest frustrations in music is when I get an album and it is too quiet.  Mastering fixes that issue and compresses out the "too highs" and the "too lows."  

Transparant did a fabulous job for me on this one and I'm thrilled to get the album out and into people's ears.



Getting Ready to Listen to Mixes

I am happy to announce that I am getting ready to listen through the songs on my album and as we work through the overall sound of the album.  The end is in sight.



Recording Project Well Underway

Things are moving ahead nicely with Shepdog Studios in the mixing process right now.  I am getting so excited about the release of this new Darin Martin album "Who Am I?".  I will keep you posted as things move ahead.



Hard at work in the Studio

I have been laying pretty low lately as far as social media goes, but I am hard at work at Sheepdog studios trying to finish up my brand new record for a Spring release.  I can't wait until you hear the production and the killer vibe of this new record.  Stay tuned.



This Fall

Wow, this has been a pretty exciting Fall for O'le DM.  As I gear up for my tour to the Middle East, I have been doing a few private events, working on sets for the tour and promoting a few local shows that I have coming up before my trip in November.  October 23 and 24 are concerts to help promote my trip.  I hope you can make it to one of those.



Bicycle Music Tour This Friday

Really getting excited about the bicycle music tour that we are leaving for this Friday.  We had a great trial ride last Saturday going to Greensville to the House of Brown House Warming party and now it is time to push on even further.  First stop/show Brantford on Friday evening for a poolside concert.  Should be tons of fun.



Otic Poet's House Show

We are very excited to be playing together again this Saturday as we warm the new house of the Neil and Karen Brown.  We haven't played together in quite some time so this one is going to rock.  Final rehersal tonight.  Can't wait!



My New Website

Hey guys,

I'm happy release my new website with an amazing company called ArtistCMS.  The goal was to make things super user friendly and they have done a great job of that.  Over the next few weeks I will be getting everything on my site up to date including Live show announcements and some sweet new things I'm working on.  Stay tuned.