Darin Martin



Summer Kickoff Concert with Darin & Jeremy Martin and Special Guest James Hoffman

Tonight at 103 Balsam Ave South. Bring a chair and your drink of choice and join us for an evening of acoustic music.





Date & Info Venue Location Share
2018-08-12Massey Place Community ChurchSaskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
2018-08-12BackyardSaskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
2018-08-10BackyardSaskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
2018-08-03Grandview Calvary Baptist ChurchVancouver, British Columbia, Canada
2018-07-30Backyard ConcertAbbotsford, British Columbia, Canada
2018-07-29North Valley Baptist ChurchMission, British Columbia, Canada
2018-07-20Glacier Ridge ChurchCalgary, Alberta, Canada
2018-07-14Maple GroveThamesford, Ontario, Canada
2018-07-13Maple GroveThamesford, Ontario, Canada
2018-07-12Maple GroveThamesford, Ontario, Canada
2018-07-11Maple GroveThamesford, Ontario, Canada
2018-07-10Maple GroveThamesford, Ontario, Canada
2018-07-09Maple GroveThamesford, Ontario, Canada
2018-07-08Maple Grove Christian Retreat CenterThamesford , Ontario, Canada
2018-06-28Summer SixBurlington, Ontario, Canada
2018-05-20Calvary PentecostalSimcoe, Ontario, Canada
2018-05-19Pitch & Praise - Braeside CampParis, Ontario, Canada
2018-05-18Pub FictionAncaster, Ontario, Canada
2018-05-17Ancaster Family ChiropracticAncaster, Ontario, Canada
2018-05-11Hockey Hall of FameToronto, Ontario, Canada
2018-05-06The Centre Community ChurchLindsay, Ontario, Canada
2018-05-04The Meeting House - BICOakville, Ontario, Canada
2018-04-21House ShowBowmanville, Ontario, Canada
2018-03-29LA FitnessBurlington, Ontario, Canada
2018-03-25Pearl Company - Welcome InnHamilton, Ontario, Canada
2017-09-16Worship Workshop - Kingsville Baptist Church Kingsville, ON, Canada
2017-09-15TBAKingsville, ON, Canada
2017-09-01Red Oak Travel Park54428 Talbot Line Hwy 3 RR#1 Eden Ontario, ON, Canada
2017-08-26Eagle's Ride - Liberty For Youth - Canadian Heritage Warplane MuseumHamilton, ON, Canada
2017-08-25Mahtay Cafe & LoungeSt. Catharines , ON, Canada
2017-08-13First Baptist Church KingsvilleKingsville, ON, Canada
2017-08-11Noah's Restaurant Dundas, ON, Canada
2017-08-06Beacon of HopeAnnapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada
2017-08-06Annapolis Royal Amphitheatre Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada
2017-08-05Farmer's MarketAnnapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada
2017-08-05House ConcertAnnapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada
2017-07-30PAXnorthHalifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
2017-07-29House ConcertHalifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
2017-07-28TBAMiramichi , New Brunswick, Canada
2017-07-27TBATBA, New Brunswick, Canada
2017-07-24Various stops along the way to HalifaxOttawa, Ontario, Canada
2017-07-23Various stops along the way to HalifaxEast Coast Tour, Ontario, Canada
2017-07-23Grand Bay Baptist Church Grand Bay , New Brunswick, Canada
2017-07-23Faith Baptist Church Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
2017-07-19New Hope Christian FellowshipBelleville , ON, Canada
2017-07-16Harbour Fellowship Church St. Catharines , ON, Canada
2017-07-14Maple Grove Christian Retreat CentreThamesford, ON, Canada
2017-07-13Maple Grove Christian Retreat CentreThamesford, ON, Canada
2017-07-12Maple Grove Christian Retreat CentreThamesford, ON, Canada
2017-07-11Maple Grove Christian Retreat CentreThamesford, ON, Canada
2017-07-10Maple Grove Christian Retreat CentreThamesford, ON, Canada
2017-07-10Maple Grove Christian Retreat CentreThamesford, ON, Canada
2017-07-09Maple Grove Christian Retreat CentreThamesford, ON, Canada
2017-06-29Summer 6 Young AdultsBurlington, ON, Canada
2017-06-04http://www.wyomingbaptist.com/Wyoming, Ontario, Canada
2017-06-03http://www.wyomingbaptist.com/Wyoming, Ontario, Canada
2017-06-02Backyard ConcertLucan, Ontario, Canada
2017-02-28Hamilton Convention CentreHamilton, ON, Canada
2017-02-11Lucy Day Park Winter FestivalHamilton, ON, Canada
2017-01-21Jesse and Lisa's Anniversary PartyToronto, Ontario, Canada
2017-01-18Guelph Bible Conference CentreGuelph, Ontario, Canada
2017-01-17Guelph Bible Conference CentreGuelph, Ontario, Canada
2017-01-14CD Release Party at Mills HardwareHamilton, ON, Canada
2016-12-18Good Life LoungeHamilton, ON, Canada
2016-12-17Prince George Retirement Residence Lucan, ON, Canada
2016-12-11Oak Ridges BICRichmond Hill, ON, Canada
2016-12-10Oak Ridges BICRichmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
2016-12-06Welcome Inn Community CentreHamilton, ON, Canada
2016-11-12Kingsville Baptist ChurchKingsville, Ontario, Canada
2016-11-07VariousVarious, Various, Canada
2016-11-06New Hope ChurchHamilton, Ontario, Canada
2016-10-22Maitland St. ChurchLondon, Ontario, Canada
2016-10-16VariousVarious, Various, Canada
2016-10-15VariousVarious, Various, Middle East
2016-10-14Parliament Building Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
2016-09-24Private PartyLondon, Ontario, Canada
2016-09-16VariousVarious, Various, Canada
2016-09-10Eagle's Ride - Liberty For Youth - Hamilton Warplane Museum. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
2016-09-10Supercrawl Gas Works Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
2016-08-08Stayner Bible Conference Stayner, Ontario, Canada
2016-08-07Stayner Bible Conference Stayner, Ontario, Canada
2016-08-06Stayner Bible Conference Stayner, Ontario, Canada
2016-08-05Stayner Bible Conference Stayner, Ontario, Canada
2016-06-25Barton Village Festival Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
2016-06-24House ConcertHamilton, Ontario, Canada
2016-06-04Private PartyHamilton, Ontario, Canada
2016-05-14Trulls Road Free Methodist ChurchCourtice, Ontario, Canada
2016-03-13Leading worship at Capstone Community Bible ChurchToronto, Ontario, Canada
2016-02-23Hamilton Convention CentreHamilton, Ontario, Canada
2016-02-14Leading worship at Capstone Community Bible ChurchToronto, Ontario, Canada
2016-01-24Leading worship at Capstone Community Bible ChurchToronto, Ontario, Canada
2015-11-082 Week TourVarious, Middle East, Middle East
2015-11-04Liberty For Youth GalaHamilton, Ontario, Canada
2015-10-24Good Life LoungeHamilton, Ontario, Canada
2015-10-23Maitland St. ChurchLondon, Ontario, Canada
2015-10-15Tracie's Place (592 Upper James)Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
2015-10-08Camp Kwasind CBOQ Youth Pastors RetreatRosseau, Ontario, Canada
2015-10-07Camp Kwasind CBOQ Youth Pastors RetreatRosseau, Ontario, Canada
2015-10-06Camp Kwasind CBOQ Youth Pastors RetreatRosseau, Ontario, Canada
2015-09-12ChurchBurlington, Ontario, Canada
2015-08-16House ConcertAncaster, Ontario, Canada
2015-08-14House ConcertScotland , Ontario, Canada
2015-08-10The Flats St. Marys, Ontario, Canada
2015-08-09Queens ParkTavistock , Ontario, Canada
2015-08-08In the ParkAyr, Ontario, Canada
2015-08-07House Concert (Bicycle Tour 1st Stop)Brantford, Ontario, Canada
2015-07-19Pleasant Bay CampTrenton, Ontario, Canada
2015-07-18Pleasant Bay CampTrenton, Ontario, Canada
2015-07-17Pleasant Bay CampTrenton, Ontario, Canada
2015-07-16Pleasant Bay CampTrenton, Ontario, Canada
2015-07-15Pleasant Bay CampTrenton, Ontario, Canada
2015-07-14Pleasant Bay CampTrenton, Ontario, Canada
2015-07-13Pleasant Bay CampTrenton, Ontario, Canada
2015-07-12The VillageWhitby, Ontario, Canada
2015-07-10Coffee CultureWhitby, Ontario, Canada
2015-07-09HMI Hockey CampBrantford, Ontario, Canada
2015-07-08HMI Hockey CampBrantford, Ontario, Canada
2015-07-07HMI Hockey CampBrantford, Ontario, Canada
2015-07-06HMI Hockey CampBrantford, Ontario, Canada
2015-06-25The Hamilton Tool LibraryHamilton, Ontario, Canada

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Darin Martin is a singer-songwriter from Hamilton, On who sings songs and tells stories about life, his faith, his family and his genuine love for people.  His songs are hopeful and his heart to encourage people is evident in the lyrics.  In his concerts you will laugh and perhaps even cry when you hear his personal stories that he shares from the heart. 


Every Time You Smile | EP


Otic Poets | EP


Never Be The Same | Single


Who Am I | Album



Feel free to contact Darin Martin regarding concert
bookings, house shows, tickets, or to just say hello!